Creating Successful Images – Vol. 1

There are many avenues to creating a successful image, even when the conditions aren’t ideal. In this project, our challenge was that we had little time to create images and unappealing warehouse lighting. It was also important to the client that the warehouse be non-specific. Using various light sources, we crafted an image that shows the intention and focus of the security guard, as well as the use of new tech.


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The Last Days of Summer…

Summer’s end is here.  We had a great summer and as the projects get complete, we will share more of our favorite images (ya’know, the client wants them first!!). We traveled up and down the east coast from Ft. Lauderdale to Parsippany (that’s New Jersey) with a range of projects from industrial to lifestyle. We even got to sample some New Jersey crabs and spaghetti…OH MY!


So there’s time for one last round…even if it’s on the putting green!

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Let’s Take A Bus Ride…

CATS, the Charlotte Area Transit System, asked us to photograph some of their new bus decals to freshen the image library and promote ridership.


Photography by Michael LoBiondo specializing in people, corporate, industrial and advertising.

…We got to shoot from dawn until dusk, from 40 degrees to 90 degrees. Multiple models and crew, different lighting styles, and lots of walking…and every now and then, a bus ride! Nothing like having 30,000 pounds of bus to direct!

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New Images – Michael LoBiondo Photography

We added some new images to the website.  Take a look…

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Presidents Day – Goodbye to a president…

lobiondo-afbf2016-stallman-lastspeech_0503This year’s American Farm Bureau Convention is over.  5 days and over 75000 steps (my phone kept track)! Also, a new president.  Bob Stallman has been president for 16 years.  His office was in DC but his rice and cattle farm is in Texas.  I’m sure he’s logged many miles over the 16 years representing American farmers around the world.  In my experience, he’s a humble man with a quick smile.  This image is from his last speech during a standing ovation.  But time moves on.  The new president is a farmer from Georgia named Zippy.  Yes, I love the southerners and their nicknames.  But for now, here’s to Bob.  I hope he gets some well deserved rest.

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Oh baby it’s cold outside! Annual Report Photography


Michael LoBiondo Photography - Commercial Photographers Charlotte

Michael LoBiondo Photography – Commercial Photographers Charlotte – Charlotte Photographers – Corporate Photographers

It’s getting cold around here in North Carolina and it made me think about all the things we go through shooting outside when it’s really cold and windy.  This shot was for an annual report for a bank that we shot near the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  There isn’t a crop in the field and the trees have all lost their leaves.  Wesley is the farmer, Buck is the Banker (can you guess?).  It’s 38degrees outside with a gusting 20mph wind.  These guys look comfortable as a cucumber.  In the van keeping warm is the art director, snug as a bug.  My assistant and I are so layered with clothes it’s tough to move.  I have some gloves with the tips of the fingers cut off.  A life saver.  Insulated jeans help, too.  Lot’s of battery power.  We’re in the middle of a field without a plug for miles!  The key is to work quickly.  I kept the “models” warm in the van while we set up.  They were in front of the camera for less than 5 minutes.  They have short hair (key) and the wind didn’t gust while we took these shots.  Drink lots of water when getting back in the van because this kind of cold dries you out fast.
What are they looking at?  The white caps and swells of the ocean about 50 yards away.  Did I mention the cold wind over the water??
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Salute to Veterans Day 2014

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Photo taken in Cape May New Jersey

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 an armistice between Germany and the Allied nations came into effect. On November 11, 1919, Armistice Day was commemorated for the first time. Now this holiday is an acknowledgment for all Service men and women of our country.

Here’s how far we have come: I have a friend I play tennis with who fought in Vietnam.  I also have some of these tennis friends who have immigrated from Vietnam.  These men have put their differences aside and talk about their work, their kids, american politics, and occasionally, tennis.  Time does heal everything.

Thanks to those who have fought and continue to fight for this country…without question and usually, without thanks.

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“Where do you listen to WFAE?”

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Where do you listen to WFAE

Do you ever just sit in your car before going into the house because you don’t want to miss the story on WFAE?  Well, our local NPR station is running it’s donation drive right now and I thought it would be a great time to show an image we did for them.  We called the project “Where do you listen to WFAE?”.  Our locations included a local park and cafe plus this driveway.  In each location, Mike Collins of Charlotte Talks, is interviewing someone while our model is listening to the radio…with ear phones, on the laptop, or just in the car.  Hence, a 1963 Ford Galaxy convertible in baby blue.  How else would you pull this shot off.  As she’s listening to the radio, it’s like the interview is happening in the back seat!!!

So listen to NPR and donate to WFAE.

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Industrial Photography,Industrial Photographer Charlotte

Industrial Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Industrial Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Industrial Photographer Charlotte, Industrial Photographer, Industrial Photographers, Charlotte Industrial Photography, Charlotte Industrial Photographer, Corporate Photographer Charlotte, Professional Photographer Charlotte, medical photographer charlotte,location photographer charlotte,

These locations include Chattanooga TN, Bristol TN, Birmingham AL, Greensboro SC, Charlotte NC

Camera Equipment: 3 Things You Must Have In Your Bag – Location Photographer

Photo by Michael LoBiondo Photography

3 Things You Must Have In Your Bag

Yes, this is a picture of 2 paperclips and a bulldog clip.  The most ordinary of items. Ordinary, undistinguished, everyday, pedestrian, garden-variety clips.  You probably see more of these in the carpet than anywhere else.  But for a location photographer, these 3 unremarkable items are life-savers and a MUST for a camera bag or location kit.  One and all of these items has saved this photographers collect butt on many occasions (just this week)…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo Photography

Paper Clip Repair

My first of 2 locations for the day.  I setup my collapsable soft box and it stays collapsed!  Like a 2 legged tripod, a 3 wheeled sedan, a ….you get the picture.  So out comes the trusty paper clip and in 15 seconds, back to normal.  Client never knows.  I wipe the sweat from my brow and things go back to normal.  45 minutes later, back in the van for the next adventure.

You can have all the greatest equipment in the world with you, but these 3 items will help you keep your cool under fire.

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