Industrial Photography: Why is this guy laughing??

Industrial Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Be Serious…

This is a popular reaction when I ask “Can you give me a serious look?”.  Most people then crack-up.  It’s all part of our customer service to get you laughing and lighten up the moment.  Relax…the camera loves’ you!!

More later…ML

Location Photography: After a long day on the road…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo


Location Photography sometimes requires a long day on the road, traveling, scouting, shooting.  Then you end up at a place that is a temporary home.  At this place, even the keys are nice!!

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Location photography – In the airport

Location Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Location Photography by Michael LoBiondo


I seem to be in a lot of airports these days and it reminded me of a location photography assignment we had inside an airport.  I have photographed at airports before and when the airport is your client, things are easier.  You get your bags checked but you’re in a line of one.  Then you can go many places the public can’t because you have a security person attached to your hip.  Many things have changed over the years.

This assignment was for Black Enterprise Magazine and Keith Haywood is an executive for this Bojangles at the end of a concourse at this very busy airport.  A perfect application of using small flash.  The logistics were tricky because I had to go through the TSA check-point and they put my two bags through the ringer.  I had packed light (no pun intended) but it still took 15 minutes.

The question was how to show busy airport concourse, restaurant, subject, and not get run over by the crowd.  I positioned my light stand in the middle of the concourse loaded with the small Canon EX580 flash with small soft-box and had my assistant stand next to it in the wave of oncoming people.  I found a pole to kneel behind.  Wait for the crowd, shoot a bunch.  Reposition, wait for the crowd,  you get the idea.  We did five positions in about 40 minutes during the ebb and flow of passengers coming and going.  No one ran over the light, my subject, my assistant or me.  Couple of close calls with folks on their phones!!  Then, on to chicken and biscuits.

Gotta’ go and catch my flight.  More later….ML

While shooting headshots…….

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Chef Frespech

Sometimes, even headshot assignments provide opportunities to get creative with your subjects.  The most interesting view may not be the person looking into the camera.  What view gives you the best story or gives you an inside look at someones’ personality.

This is Chef Philippe Frespech of The Pines at Davidson, a retirement community in Davidson.  He was gracious to give me a few extra minutes to get this shot of him in profile wearing his chef jacket and togue (hat), freshly cleaned and pressed.  This chef has to produce a menu for his clients who can at times be very particular and is proud of what comes out of his kitchen.

Get out your camera even if it’s your phone camera and get shooting.  Spring is coming fast and the trees are starting to bloom.  Think outside the box to tell a great story.

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