Doctor,doctor…Healthcare Photography in the OR

Healthcare Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Healthcare Photography

Healthcare photography can sometimes take you right into the operating room.  In a small operating room with 15 people watching and working, I wanted to capture relationships and collaboration of people in the room.  These are the 2 surgeons preparing a patient for the cardiologists.  These doctors are working in very tight conditions and working on a very small area of the body.  Their “eyes” guide their hands and their tools.  I love the glasses with their magnifying lenses and the optical “headlight”.  You can’t see all the lead protection, gowns, and gloves but you do see the head gear and masks.  All there to protect the patient and the doctors but restrict body movements and communication.  These guys are in the “zone”.  And there are many other people watching with great interest…but that’s for a later post.


More later…ML