American Farm Bureau Convention

photo by Michael LoBiondo

Delegates session

I just recently came back from Atlanta where I shot the American Farm Bureau Convention.   They invite me back every year to do the usual photography at a convention.  It reminds me of where our food comes from.  Farms run and owned by regular folks, hard working, dawn to dusk, not much profit, dependent on the weather, folks.  I remember to appreciate every bite I take (I’ve taken my fair share).
Every year, I look for different or unusual images to highlight the trip.  On sunday morning, they invite a preacher/minister and a choir to start the day.  These folks were awesome.  The choir director was singing so hard I thought his face was going to fall off!!
Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Choir Director

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Choir

At the end of the convention, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs spoke about how there isn’t anything wrong with hard work.  Farmers do it 365/24/7.  Great speaker.
Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

So lastly, the AFBF folks are really great to work with.  One of the other photographers, Ken, wore a pedometer for the first 2 days and recorded over 20000 steps.  Our dogs were hurten’.  Here’s Ken and Mike and of course, Mary.

photo by Michael LoBiondo

Ken and Mike: Did you get it?

photo by Michael LoBiondo

Mary: Take it already!!

We dug out of Atlanta so more later.
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  1. Ken Kashian says:

    Great blog!!!! The guy singing is fantastic. Great job. And your narrative works really nice. Has Mary seen it?

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