Architectural Photography – Now’s the time

Photo by Michael LoBiondo Photography

Architectural Photography

We are doing a lot of Architectural Photography now and put together this little piece.  We’re always looking for an interesting angle to photograph when interpreting the architect’s design.  Also, shooting at dusk gives us a unique perspective on the building,the lighting and space around it.

It’s also great to photograph the architects, developers or designers.  We also photograph the real workmen/women on the job but that’s for another blog post.


Jury Duty…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Welcome to Jury Duty

I was on jury duty for the last 3 days.  The group dynamic in a small room is very interesting.  I think everyone should sit on a jury at least once in their life and you get a whole new appreciation of our legal system, the constitution, and just plain ole’ folks.  First, the defendant is on trial, then the district attorney, the defense lawyer and last, the jury itself.  No matter how concrete the evidence is, reasonable doubt, or lack of it, rules the day.  Everyone’s personality gets a chance to shine or show it’s “behind” as it were.  I love watching people’s faces (it’s what we do!) and the entire stage show with it’s cast of characters.

It was jury appreciation week and we were treated to cookies and popcorn, music and massages.  The folks who took care of us including the deputies went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and taken care of.  They realize how stressful it can be to “be on display” for a judge and lawyers.  Although, now that it’s over, I am glad to be back to my reality.  Back to being creative and “makin’ pictures”!!

More later…


Luck or Patience…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Luck or Patience…

To quote a great golfer, “The more I practice, the luckier I get” (Lee Travino, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jerry Barber…who knows).  I use this to illustrate that what looks like luck is sometimes just patience.  It’s like when you “know” you have the shot in the camera.  The ability to wait for the right moment to click the shutter involves anticipation of what’s coming and having patience.

This image was for the Charlotte Convention Center and Visitors Bureau.  We were shooting simultaneously from this angle and 90degrees from this angle across the street.  Here’s the catch: we couldn’t have any people in the shot and there was a convention going on with over 10,000 people at the same time.  We weren’t allowed to approach anyone at the convention to ask them to move or to stop any flow of people leaving or entering the building.  Being a dusk shot, you only have a few minutes with the perfect light.  We had to wait until there wasn’t anyone on the sidewalk because post would have been difficult.  So we waited and watched.  It was like the place had a pulse…hundreds of people could be at the doors in seconds.  There are actually a bunch of people to the left of the frame.

We took MANY exposures and bracketed all along the way.  There was 1 perfect shot.  No people.  Post production for spotting and the usual stuff.

To see more of our architecture images, go HERE. If you have questions about any of our images, drop me a line and we will use it in a future post.

Was it “luck” or “patience”?

More later