Architectural Photography – Now’s the time

Photo by Michael LoBiondo Photography

Architectural Photography

We are doing a lot of Architectural Photography now and put together this little piece.  We’re always looking for an interesting angle to photograph when interpreting the architect’s design.  Also, shooting at dusk gives us a unique perspective on the building,the lighting and space around it.

It’s also great to photograph the architects, developers or designers.  We also photograph the real workmen/women on the job but that’s for another blog post.


Red,White and Blue

I can never get enough of neon signs and marquees. Especially when the sign has been dark for many years and someone comes along and refurbishes a great theater like this.  This is the place where I saw Star Wars for the first time.  I was a senior in high school.  Do the math. In 1987, it closed down.  It had survived 50 years.  You can read more here.  A lot of businesses on the “avenue” closed down during that time and this small town in south jersey is very different from when I lived there.  But then again, what hasn’t!

In case you’re wondering, this was shot handheld with my old Canon G5 camera while I was resting against a lightpole.  I turned off the flash and just relaxed into the exposure.

More later…