Editorial Photography: Summer’s Over

Tisha's Fine Dining: Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Tisha’s Fine Dining

Labor day is a celebration of the fruits of our labor.  It’s also the end of summer.  Resort areas close down and await next springs painting, repairing and cleanup.  Places show summer’s wear and tear, some more than others.  I’m just happy to get the sand out of our toes and the rugs in the car.

More later…ML

Walkabout in Cape May NJ

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Quiet booth in Cape May New Jersey

On the day after Christmas, I was on our family trek to Cape May NJ.  My sisters started this tradition many years ago to get the kids out of the house and away from their new electronic gizmos for at least a day.  Last year we didn’t get to go because of the “big” snow that hit the east coast so I was especially excited about the trip.  Usually, it’s very cold, overcast and dreary.  This year, it was cold and windy but very sunny.

I love the beach and beach towns in the winter.  They’re quiet and don’t have a lot of folks wandering around.  The beaches are desolate but you can hear the ocean in a way you can’t in the summer.

This image combines many things about photography that I love:  the quietness of a place, the ability to see something differently than you normally would, and the ability to shoot spontaneously.  Walking to the beach, we passed this restaurant that was closed.  I put my camera next to the window as close as I could and used my body to block out reflection in the glass.  Canon G5 (ancient, I know) set at aperture priority with the flash forced off.  Some photoshop post to reduce noise.

Happy New Year.  More later….