More than 25 years of commercial photography experience has taught NC-based Michael LoBiondo to see what others may not.  Elevating a client’s creative vision begins at conception and digs deep to create a photograph that not only captures a message; it connects with the person viewing it.

About Michael

Michael LoBiondo has an ability to expose and convey the personality of a wide variety of subjects.  His vantage point accomplishes this by striking a balance; work is subtle yet dramatic, clean yet dynamic.

With creative execution in mind, experience and vision are ultimately the differentiating factors. Michael is known for thinking on his feet, adapting to surroundings and working collaboratively with clients to create a visual dialogue. Results not only generate response, they demand it.

Michael LoBiondo

“There are visual questions I ask when photographing anything. Does the end justify the means? Is everything you see there for a purpose?

Is the answer to the question elegant or just enough to get by? Where does your eye go, does it create tension or feel balanced?

Is everything there for a reason – what is the question that needs to be asked?

I learned to ask these questions from being behind the lens, in the darkroom, or in front of the computer monitor this past twenty years. There are split-second decisions made even before looking through the camera. Then you look and see. Quick, did you get that expression?  Are you shooting inside the box or creating that happy accident? The thrill of photography is KNOWING you got the shot.”

– Michael LoBiondo

Behind the Scenes

Michael & Anne LoBiondo have been in the commercial photography business since 1993 and have been married almost as long.

From scheduling and executive production to on-set producing, Anne manages what goes on behind the scenes at Michael LoBiondo Photography. Together they accommodate small or larger productions with a specialized crew for each project and will be there with you every step of the way.

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