Corporate and commercial photography is designed to highlight the business world in the best light possible. A professional shoot at corporate headquarters or satellite offices can demonstrate the efficiency of a data processing center, the friendliness of a call center, the confidence of a CEO or the spirit behind a growing team of employees. The right business photography conveys your expertise and builds trust with the customers you serve.

From the front doors to the board room, Michael LoBiondo Photography has captured large enterprises with a national or global footprint as well as small, but powerful, businesses. With the flexibility to shoot just about anywhere – your corporate offices, the factory floor, or your technical lab –  we travel nationally to capture the human side of your business and connect you with customers on an emotional level. Our work has brought us to major metropolitan hubs such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Orlando, Atlanta and (of course) our hometown of Charlotte. But business doesn’t just happen in big cities – our professional corporate photographers have also brought to life the people at smaller manufacturers and specialized tech firms in your area. 

We’ve worked on commercial photography campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, financial analysts, advertising agencies, hospital networks, senior living, and national retailers. As a business photographer, Michael has captured stunning still images including lifestyle images, social media libraries, environmental portraits, architectural and product photography, workflow photos, and executive portraits that bring your corporate environment into sharper focus. See some of our case studies here.

In a world driven by data, we help your brand cut through the noise. We craft original, visual experiences – both still photography and video – that resonate across print, digital, and beyond. Contact us today for a quote.