Lifestyle photography and video captures real-life but with the guidance of the photographer to highlight the client in the best way possible. Hiring a professional with years of experience means the right equipment, ideal lighting, comprehensive knowledge of the project’s needs and clear communication so that no matter what challenges the day brings, the perfect moment isn’t missed. With his ability to anticipate those very moments, Michael LoBiondo has been a top choice for companies across the US for years. With larger advertising campaigns and commercial projects, we can expand our team as needed to include stylists, set designers, pro talent and related photography crew. We easily scale from simply staging models in our studio for catalog materials to large outdoor projects shoots used for enterprise-level marketing projects.

On location or in-studio, environmental portraits capture professionals for corporate and commercial use. More than just a group of headshots, we highlight your senior executives and large employee-driven teams so their personalities and confidence come through. Fresh images and video bring new life to annual sustainability reports, ad campaigns and website content. Customer confidence grows when they are able to see the faces of the people they do business with, bringing added longevity to business relationships and corporate partnerships.  Update your marketing materials with the new employees at your business easily across your print and digital outlets with our environmental portrait photography services.

Michael LoBiondo Photography serves small businesses, agency clients, and Fortune 500 companies nationwide and are able to shoot locally in our Charlotte, NC studio, on site at your offices or at the location of your choice. Contact us today for pricing packages and custom looks.