tells the story of your business and the people behind it, allowing potential customers or investors to see how you operate.  We showcase your manufacturing process or production floor in a way that demonstrates credibility and gets people excited about the people and the passion behind it.

At Michael LoBiondo Photography, we see the intricacy of gears, the beauty of twisted metal pipes and the spirit of America’s leading industrial workers. We are visual storytellers, and with the press of a button, our lens captures a unique moment, feeling or action that reflects the true individuality of your company. However, not all lenses can capture the same story. It’s our vision and expertise that accentuates the hardworking men and women of the industrial sector.

While there are many reasons to hire a commercial industrial photographer, some of the more popular reasons to conduct an industrial photo shoot include annual business and sustainability reports, environmental portraits, industrial headshots, updated marketing materials and more. With countless hours logged capturing the American workforce under a variety of conditions, we’re confident we can make your business look as dynamic and powerful as it is.