Professional healthcare photography establishes expertise and builds trust with the people and the region you serve daily. A local medical clinic can stand out with images that convey the professionalism of their healthcare team at work.

A dental practice can highlight their comfortable exam room and state-of-the-art equipment. A hospital network can demonstrate advanced surgical procedures and success in clinical research. In an age of telemedicine and evisits, an updated physician head shot can reassure your patients that they are speaking to a real person and not a stock photo.

As a healthcare photographer for over 30 years, Michael LoBiondo has captured stunning original images for healthcare clients of all sizes, from pharmaceutical development and medical research to patient portraits of cancer survivors and the providers that were with them every step of the way. Healthcare product photography has help launch new brands and professional photos of executive leadership have graced annual reports around the country.

Brand-specific photo libraries have allowed internal marketing teams to create everything from brochures to billboards and maintain a consistent voice across social media channels. Most importantly, our professional and compassionate eye has helped create the positive patient experience that is expected from our healthcare today. See one of our portfolio clients here.

Our long history in the healthcare market is no more evident than in the precautionary safety measures we take with every location shoot. We will meet or exceed the needed PPE whether it is in a reception room or a surgical theater, and work to get the best image without being invasive. The results are a custom image library suitable for advertising campaigns, website updates, print publications, and digital media outlets that allow your company to keep up with an ever-changing world.

Still have questions? Contact Michael and the team at our Charlotte, NC studio today to see how we can help you update your marketing materials with physician portraits, pharmaceutical and medical technology images, new facility progress photographs, lifestyle groups and video.