Photos before Adelai…

heather and jesse

Heather and Jesse at 37 weeks

Heather is one of my great assistants and gave me permission to photograph her with her husband while she was pregnant.  I shoot a lot of things as a professional photographer, but this was one of the most exciting projects.  Heather worked with me into her 7th month and I was able to see her progress during those months.  We worked out where and when to eat, that she shouldn’t lift anything heavier than a baby, when to take her vitamins, and where the closest bathroom was.  It was truly an honor to watch.  My question is, where does the belly-button go??!!

By the way, Adelai Emerson Fink (great name for a girl) was born on August 10th @ 1:12 am weighing 7lbs and 21 inches.  Another Leo.  Welcome to the world.

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Michael LoBiondo Photography has a new downloadable portfolio

Charlotte Photographer Michael LoBiondo Annual Reports

From an Annual Report Photoshoot…

We have been working diligently, working hard, working all night and all day, just plain doing what it takes to produce photography for our clients and we wanted to share some of the new work with you.  Now the images are here in our  new virtual portfolio.  How else can you market and get your work to the masses 24/7?  We are very pleased that this is now out in the world and on the web.  You can view it here and even download it.

Let’s talk about this image.  This was shot at the end of day 2 while shooting on location.  The art director didn’t ask for it, the client didn’t know about it, my assistant said “your focus is just a little off!!”.  Talk about your selective focus.  I shot it just for the fun of it.  I love the backlight through the windows with the verticals and horizontals and the reds that pop through.  We all know it’s four people standing there but isn’t it more interesting this way?

So, take a look at our new portfolio and send us some comments.

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We will miss her…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Grandmom Lena at her 100th Birthday Party

I wanted to share this photo of my Grandma who made it 102 years plus 8 months.  She passed away on Monday the 25th in her sleep.  She had 3 sons, 7 grandkids, and 11 great-grand children.  We were quite the crew around the dinner table with wives and kids and significant others.  Every morning she would tell my dad “Another day, George.  Thanks God”.  In all my years, I never heard her complain or say anything bad about anyone.  She grew up on farms, ate fresh farm food (can you say healthy) and loved Reeses.

I guess the thing to really know about her was she was truly generous. In our world of get it done now, what can I get out of it, etc..  she always thought of other folks…in her neighborhood, church, and the little area she lived in all her life.

In my last post, I said I would come back with images from the great New Jersey shore.  This shot, although taken 2 years and 8 months ago, is much more important.  Call your parents, grandparents, kids, loved ones, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of.  Just say “I was thinking about you”.

Thanks for letting me get personal.

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In search of the ocean…

Photographer Michael LoBiondo

Dolphin Tours Kayaks

So, we are off to our annual trip to the beach.  The beach and boardwalk are the places that my heart gravitates to and I always find something interesting to photograph, and this photographer always has his camera at the beach.  I grew up 20 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and Ocean City New Jersey so being in Charlotte and being 3+ hours from the water makes me appreciate it even more.  I take my little old Canon point and shoot camera and become a tourist which let’s me get shots that I might not get with a big rig around my neck.

In a couple of weeks, I will share what I find this trip.  More later…


Independence Day 2011-Flags in Celebration

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Patriot American Flags in Charlotte NC

This holiday weekend, I wanted to share an image I took a few years ago.  My then assistant Ann Lamb and I were riding in the truck through Charlotte near the court house and we were headed back to the studio after a morning shoot, and I turned the corner to see this display of flags on the grass.  Parking were I shouldn’t have (Ann was vigilant) I spent about 30 minutes on my belly shooting from every angle.  Folks from Charlotte will recognize the building in the background and how much the Charlotte skyline has changed.  We don’t know who put the flags out, but it was very moving to see this overt display of patriotism so publicly displayed on the city’s streets.

It’s because of these chance discoveries that most professional photographers and a lot of amateurs carry camera’s with them all the time.  This was  shot with a Canon 1Ds with a wide-angle lens but could have been just as easily shot with any camera with manual controls.  Yes, I did post production in Lightroom which is a program I love and has great color.

So, have a hamburger or hot dog this weekend, watch Wimbledon, catch a ballgame, go for a swim.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Go pursue some happiness.

More later.


What do 84yr old hands do…they grow something

Professional photography by Michael LoBiondo

Gardners hands

Sometimes as a professional photographer shooting on assignment, I get to wander around without any direction of where I am going except to produce images that have emotion and tell a story.  I shoot a lot of editorial photography for The Pines of Davidson retirement community and they provide a large garden area for residents to grow flowers, vegetables and the occasional weed (not the smoking kind, the pull out of the ground because it’s killing everything else kind).  As I was walking around, I met the wonderful Frances Cassidy just tending her small plot put holding on to this onion bulb.  We talked about her love of tomatoes and okra.  She is growing both and looking forward to her first fresh fried okra sandwich followed by a close second, tomato sandwiches.  I couldn’t take my  eyes off of the onion in her hands so I asked if I could photograph them.  “As long as you don’t get me in the picture” she said (I get that a lot!).  Happily, this is the shot I got using low depth of field so that the background would go soft.  I am inspired by Francis and her desire to keep “growing”.  My mom would be 82 this year and even though she’s been gone for a little while, I still keep finding her in the people I meet.

So, tomato sandwiches for lunch today?

More later…


While shooting headshots…….

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Chef Frespech

Sometimes, even headshot assignments provide opportunities to get creative with your subjects.  The most interesting view may not be the person looking into the camera.  What view gives you the best story or gives you an inside look at someones’ personality.

This is Chef Philippe Frespech of The Pines at Davidson, a retirement community in Davidson.  He was gracious to give me a few extra minutes to get this shot of him in profile wearing his chef jacket and togue (hat), freshly cleaned and pressed.  This chef has to produce a menu for his clients who can at times be very particular and is proud of what comes out of his kitchen.

Get out your camera even if it’s your phone camera and get shooting.  Spring is coming fast and the trees are starting to bloom.  Think outside the box to tell a great story.

More later