Lifestyle Photography: What is life without style?

“There is one thing the photo must contain – the humanity of the moment.”

                                                                        – Robert Frank, photographer

We’ve been shooting a lot of lifestyle photos this year for corporate, industrial, healthcare, and product clients.

Lifestyle photography conveys a mood. It helps bring customers closer to a brand and encourages them to act. It’s more about a feeling than about a process. Think photos that introduce us to:

Michael LoBiondo Photography - Women relaxing with first cup of coffee inside apartment

a woman relaxed and comfortable at home (commercial shot for residential developers for an apartment campaign)

Michael LoBiondo Photography - Man blowing leaves wearing protective gaiter over mouth

a homeowner whose mask makes a dusty job safer (shot for a healthcare products company)

Healthcare photography - 3 smiling nurses walking down a hospital hallway

nurses enjoying themselves, even in a demanding job (shot for a national hospital system)

Michael LoBiondo Photography-Corporate staffers in boardroom meeting

a team sharing a moment at work (shot for a Fortune 500 company)

Lifestyle photos are an essential part of a brand’s image library.

We are all about making lifestyle shoots easy. We can hire and work with models at your location. Or we can photograph your people, helping them feel comfortable to bring out their best. 

Now is a great time to book a lifestyle photography shoot, given all the options for natural light.  Check your photo library and see what lifestyle photos you’re missing. After all, what is life without style? 

Stay Creative,