It pays to look behind you…

sunset-blue hills-lanscape-colors

“Sometimes, the best image is behind you”.  We were coming back from a location shoot at Lake James and I wanted one more shot to finish the story.  There were lots of trees at the location so we didn’t get to see the sunrise like I wanted.  As we crested the hill on the way home, I looked in the rear view mirror and there it was!!  While trying not to run off the road, I jumped out of the car and clicked off a few frames as dark settled in.  This is why a tripod goes 360 degrees!

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Editorial Photography: Get on the ball…

Editorial Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Editorial Photography

This editorial photography assignment was about photographing patients of a physical therapy group while they were using specific equipment.  There is actually someone on the other end of these shoes! There is some really high-tech equipment being used these days but you can’t ever forget the tried and true rubber ball.  Plus it comes in very nice colors (I AM partial to green).



found on a lonely road…

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Fruit Sign

A great weekend to go to the fresh market.  It’s still strawberry time…

Yeah fruit!!!


Architecture Photography-More Images of Nashville TN

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Walking Bridge to Nashville

I wanted to post one more Architecture Photography image from my trip to Nashville TN from a few weeks ago.  Now that the rains have stopped and we can see blue sky again here in Charlotte.  This image does illustrate a point that you don’t always need perfect blue skies to get a great shot.

The other note on this image is that a few years ago, this river flooded…over the tops of the banks seen here in the background and up almost to the top where the bridge deck is.  Massive amounts of rain in a very short time.  I have other shots of this bridge and the city on Flickr and you can get a different look at the banks and imaging the water going over the bank and 2 blocks up into downtown.  We’re talking “Noah” time.

If you have seen my previous blogs you might notice that our website has changed.  There are a lot of people to thank for this and I will do so in later posts when we work out all the bugs.  Please leave me your comments and opinions of the site.

As I said, I have more shots of Nashville on my Flickr site even the ones I posted on Facebook while I was there.  Of course, a shout out to the Farm Bureau and all our local farmers.  Bring a kid to a farm.  Let them know their food doesn’t come from the grocery store but from the ground and a pig and a cow (just sayin’).

Big Pipe for New York City

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

86 inch pipe and welder

We shoot a lot this time of year for annual reports and we go to a number of great locations.  This is a pipe foundry in Bristol TN.  They are making water pipe for New York City and this one tops out at 86 inches.  That’s a bunch of H2O!!  This one section is about 40 feet in length.  Think of all the pipe you have to form, weld, and haul from Tennessee to NY.  The sections have to fit on a flat bed trailer to ship.  It’s almost inconceivable the amount of pipe they have to manufacture and move to New York.

I love these situations because the light is funky and I can get dramatic and crazy with lighting.  The trick was to have a light at the back of the pipe and then position the model to block it.  There is also a small light coming through the side portal and then one front light.

This was processed in Lightroom and then layered to give a slight grungy look.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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It only hurts a little…

Professional photography by Michael LoBiondo

It only hurts a little…

I am a big fan of acupuncture and have had many treatments.  It helps a variety of ills.

We were shooting  medical photography at a large hospital and they are offering many alternative types of treatments.  Unfortunately, the model wasn’t quite prepared for the needles to be put in her hand.  In fact, this is our brave art director.  Now she knows what a model goes through.  And this isn’t the most sensitive area for the needles.  She winced a little bit but then relaxed and actually got something great out of the mini-treatment.  All for the good of the shot.

Plus, it only hurt a little!!

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Luck or Patience…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Luck or Patience…

To quote a great golfer, “The more I practice, the luckier I get” (Lee Travino, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jerry Barber…who knows).  I use this to illustrate that what looks like luck is sometimes just patience.  It’s like when you “know” you have the shot in the camera.  The ability to wait for the right moment to click the shutter involves anticipation of what’s coming and having patience.

This image was for the Charlotte Convention Center and Visitors Bureau.  We were shooting simultaneously from this angle and 90degrees from this angle across the street.  Here’s the catch: we couldn’t have any people in the shot and there was a convention going on with over 10,000 people at the same time.  We weren’t allowed to approach anyone at the convention to ask them to move or to stop any flow of people leaving or entering the building.  Being a dusk shot, you only have a few minutes with the perfect light.  We had to wait until there wasn’t anyone on the sidewalk because post would have been difficult.  So we waited and watched.  It was like the place had a pulse…hundreds of people could be at the doors in seconds.  There are actually a bunch of people to the left of the frame.

We took MANY exposures and bracketed all along the way.  There was 1 perfect shot.  No people.  Post production for spotting and the usual stuff.

To see more of our architecture images, go HERE. If you have questions about any of our images, drop me a line and we will use it in a future post.

Was it “luck” or “patience”?

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