In The Factory & On The Rooftop

“The cause is hidden. The effect is visible to all” Ovid

An in-house corporate marketing team for a major manufacturer called us with exactly the kind of challenge we relish as industrial photographers.

This company manufactures and installs air handling systems for huge enterprises, from pharmaceutical and car manufacturers to warehouses, universities, and hospitals. But their photo gallery was dated and didn’t portray the diversity of their modern workforce.

Michael LoBiondo Photography - Environmental portrait of worker on location

The client also needed to show the complex processes involved in creating HVAC systems that keep everyone comfortable and productive in a building that might be a million square feet. 

We aimed to reveal all the capabilities of this dynamic company in compelling industrial images of welding, manufacturing, installation and more.  From a pump installation in a unit before it arrives at the customer’s building…

Michael LoBiondo Industrial Photography - Worker connecting pump

…to positioning water piping on site at a customer’s location.

Michael LoBiondo Photography - Worker installing cooling pipe for HVAC

From shots that make you feel as if you’re immersed in the action – in this case, grinding raw metal…

Michael LoBiondo Photography - welding metal for rooftop unit

to portraits that convey their professionals’ authority, knowledge and experience.

Michael LoBiondo Photography - Environmental portrait of worker on location

After discussing goals for this shoot with our client and scouting various locations, we developed an advance shot list. But we also observed what was happening at their location over two days to identify how to represent the client’s work in the most visual way.

There was careful planning and improvisation. Thinking through composition, lighting, and color, while keeping safety a focus. A lot of thoughtfulness and, we hope, a little magic in the results.

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Michael LoBiondo Photography - Workers on rooftop installing HVAC unit

The public never sees this client’s work.  It’s behind the walls, in the ceiling, on the rooftop.

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