Photos before Adelai…

heather and jesse

Heather and Jesse at 37 weeks

Heather is one of my great assistants and gave me permission to photograph her with her husband while she was pregnant.  I shoot a lot of things as a professional photographer, but this was one of the most exciting projects.  Heather worked with me into her 7th month and I was able to see her progress during those months.  We worked out where and when to eat, that she shouldn’t lift anything heavier than a baby, when to take her vitamins, and where the closest bathroom was.  It was truly an honor to watch.  My question is, where does the belly-button go??!!

By the way, Adelai Emerson Fink (great name for a girl) was born on August 10th @ 1:12 am weighing 7lbs and 21 inches.  Another Leo.  Welcome to the world.

More later…ML