Can you still swim?

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

at least they let you swim…

You get to the beach, you have your beach chairs, cooler, blankets, frisbee, lotion, radio (ipod with speakers?)…and you have to buy beach tags to play on the sand and all the other stuff has to go back in the car!  You can still swim and other….things (not on the sign! Besides, sand gets everywhere).  I remember the old days, where you could do all this and more as long as you were nice to your beach neighbors and picked up your trash (not on sign, either).

So have fun at the beach this holiday weekend.  The beaches are open, the water is still cool and the smell of the ocean is intoxicating.  Just make sure you pick up your trash and be home by dark:-)

More later….ML

Curlys Flags in Ocean City New Jersey

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Curlys Flags wait for customers

It’s been a long time since my last post but here is an image from one of my favorite places in the world, Ocean City NJ.  Actually, I love most beaches, boardwalks, and grand strands.  I grew up not far from Ocean City and a few weeks ago, I was shooting a job in South Jersey.  Just so you know, only someone from South Jersey distinguishes South Jersey as different from the rest of the state.  Not enough words to explain it, just go with me here.  I had an extra morning so I drove to OC in the morning before they got busy and started to charge you to “use the sand”.

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

nothin’ about nudity!!

There’s still a lot you can do on the beach.  But sand does get everywhere!  I love the beach in the morning.  I have great memories of being in the station wagon with my mom and driving to OC in the morning and being back at home by lunch.  Now I drive a mini-van.  See how far we’ve come!

Being on the beach before the crowds get there allow me to scrounge around and get access to pictures that I might not have when there’s a lot of people around.  Hence, Curlys Flags.  5 minutes after I took this, the attendant came out and scattered the flags everywhere.  I will be posting some other shots on my facebook page.  Please friend me if you haven’t already.

More later…


Walkabout in Cape May NJ

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Quiet booth in Cape May New Jersey

On the day after Christmas, I was on our family trek to Cape May NJ.  My sisters started this tradition many years ago to get the kids out of the house and away from their new electronic gizmos for at least a day.  Last year we didn’t get to go because of the “big” snow that hit the east coast so I was especially excited about the trip.  Usually, it’s very cold, overcast and dreary.  This year, it was cold and windy but very sunny.

I love the beach and beach towns in the winter.  They’re quiet and don’t have a lot of folks wandering around.  The beaches are desolate but you can hear the ocean in a way you can’t in the summer.

This image combines many things about photography that I love:  the quietness of a place, the ability to see something differently than you normally would, and the ability to shoot spontaneously.  Walking to the beach, we passed this restaurant that was closed.  I put my camera next to the window as close as I could and used my body to block out reflection in the glass.  Canon G5 (ancient, I know) set at aperture priority with the flash forced off.  Some photoshop post to reduce noise.

Happy New Year.  More later….