Hard Hats & Hustle: The Story of Industry in 5 Recent Photos

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”— Peter Adams

As an industrial photographer, I’m not just capturing machines and materials; I’m chronicling the symphony of human ingenuity played out on factory floors and construction sites. It’s a world of grit and grace, where sparks fly alongside quiet determination, and the rhythmic clang of metal meets the focused hum of concentration.

OK, well, let’s tell it like it really is. These people work where it’s dirty, grimy, loud and smelly. Here are 5 recent images from different projects that showcase what they do and where they do it.

1. Laser-Focused (Western NC): She stands in a maze of pipes and valves, hard hat and safety goggles ready, clipboard clutched in hand, laser-focused on the task at hand. In that single frame, I saw someone unconcerned with the noise and distractions around her.

Michael LoBiondo Photography - worker moving glass for installation

2. The Glass Dance (Greensboro, NC): A ballet of brawn and precision. Making it looks easy as he maneuvers a glass panel, its surface reflecting the world around it in distorted fragments. Care in handling is one of the cornerstones of this client’s business, and a lifestyle shot like this helps demonstrate it clearly.

Michael LoBiondo Photography - walking along paper manufacturing rollers

3. The Catwalk King (NC): On the catwalk, bathed in the eerie glow of industrial lights, he walked. A lone figure in a vibrant yellow t-shirt, a stark contrast to the steel and shadows that surrounded him. By showing a member of the team in relation to the equipment, I can show the scale of this company’s manufacturing process.

Michael LoBiondo Photography - grinding metalwork

4. The Spark of Creation (Wisconsin): It is always a fleeting moment, captured in a fraction of a second, but one of my favorite images to capture. A grinder’s wheel spits fiery orange and yellow. This image shows a raw energy that fuels industry, a reminder that beauty can be found even in the most primal forms of creation. Action shots like this are one of the best ways to capture attention of your website or marketing materials.

Michael LoBiondo Photography - forklift operator moving product in warehouse

5. The Warehouse Waltz (Charlotte, NC): A dance of steel and rubber. A forklift, its driver focused on the path, conducting this silent symphony, orchestrating the flow of materials with practiced ease and constant motion. Clean lines and a neat, organized warehouse highlight the efficiency of this client’s supply chain.

These five images are just a glimpse into the vast world of commercial industrial photography. They are windows into progress and the human spirit. After more than 30 years in this business , it’s still an honor to be a storyteller in this world, to capture the beauty and the power that often go unseen. 2023 was filled with moments like these across the US. I can’t wait to see where 2024 brings me.

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Lifestyle Photography: What is life without style?

“There is one thing the photo must contain – the humanity of the moment.”

                                                                        – Robert Frank, photographer

We’ve been shooting a lot of lifestyle photos this year for corporate, industrial, healthcare, and product clients.

Lifestyle photography conveys a mood. It helps bring customers closer to a brand and encourages them to act. It’s more about a feeling than about a process. Think photos that introduce us to:

Michael LoBiondo Photography - Women relaxing with first cup of coffee inside apartment

a woman relaxed and comfortable at home (commercial shot for residential developers for an apartment campaign)

Michael LoBiondo Photography - Man blowing leaves wearing protective gaiter over mouth

a homeowner whose mask makes a dusty job safer (shot for a healthcare products company)

Healthcare photography - 3 smiling nurses walking down a hospital hallway

nurses enjoying themselves, even in a demanding job (shot for a national hospital system)

Michael LoBiondo Photography-Corporate staffers in boardroom meeting

a team sharing a moment at work (shot for a Fortune 500 company)

Lifestyle photos are an essential part of a brand’s image library.

We are all about making lifestyle shoots easy. We can hire and work with models at your location. Or we can photograph your people, helping them feel comfortable to bring out their best. 

Now is a great time to book a lifestyle photography shoot, given all the options for natural light.  Check your photo library and see what lifestyle photos you’re missing. After all, what is life without style? 

Stay Creative,


South Carolina State House – A Grand Building as History is being made…

The South Carolina State House has a storied history.  Architects who were fired or died, burning down the building  (the original and its second), cantankerous legislation (past and present), hiding of marble…it goes on and on.  You can read more here. Now, they get to decide, again, on how the building will look.  Here are 3 versions of the same grand building.  How will it look in the future?

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Confederate Flag SC Statehouse

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

SC StateHouse

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

SC StateHouse – Dusk

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Independence Day – Patriotism and a little Rodeo…


A few weeks ago, my wife, Anne, decided it was time to go to the rodeo. I’ve been to big rodeos and I’ve been to small rodeos.  This was the latter.  What left an impression for me, along with the bulls, calves, assortment of smells and dress, is the patriotism of the folks who attend and perform.  Much time was spent honoring the troops and there was an intense silence during the National Anthem.  Even the animals were quiet.

So this July 4th, with the grandiose of the parades and fireworks, the little rodeo remembers the freedoms fought for, and the freedoms enjoyed.

Now, where’s the hot dogs?!



Happy Holidays: 2014 Michael LoBiondo Photography Holiday Card

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Holiday Signs

What does the Santa man say?  On some level, is he related to the Jolly Green Giant?
Time to “settle down for a long winter’s nap”.
Merry, merry…ML

Atlantic City Wedding Rehearsal…

Photography by Michael LoBiondo Photography Charlotte NC

I went to my nephew’s wedding in September and took my camera to the rehearsal at the church.  The church was not brightly lit but the 5 o’clock light sneaking in the windows was fabulous.

Photography by Michael LoBiondo Photography Charlotte NC

I don’t shoot weddings but this opportunity to photograph George and Kate let me work the edges of the camera’s ability to shoot in low light and at the same time, put me in a situation similar to the editorial photography I do on a regular basis (more pressure here..I knew everyone in the church!).  I get to really be creative in both the shooting and the post-production.  Congratulations to the happy couple.  And yes, you will have your pictures soon!!

Photography by Michael LoBiondo Photography Charlotte NC

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Doctor,doctor…Healthcare Photography in the OR

Healthcare Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Healthcare Photography

Healthcare photography can sometimes take you right into the operating room.  In a small operating room with 15 people watching and working, I wanted to capture relationships and collaboration of people in the room.  These are the 2 surgeons preparing a patient for the cardiologists.  These doctors are working in very tight conditions and working on a very small area of the body.  Their “eyes” guide their hands and their tools.  I love the glasses with their magnifying lenses and the optical “headlight”.  You can’t see all the lead protection, gowns, and gloves but you do see the head gear and masks.  All there to protect the patient and the doctors but restrict body movements and communication.  These guys are in the “zone”.  And there are many other people watching with great interest…but that’s for a later post.


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My favorite Super Bowl Commercial was…

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Future Farmer, seeder, planter,driver,farrier,milker,rider, etc…

I have a special place in my heart for farmers so my 2 cents for best commercial last night was the Ram Truck “so, God made a farmer”.  Here’s a link in you want to see it again: http://youtu.be/AMpZ0TGjbWE.  I get to spend some time with farmers every year but it’s not enough.  I grew up next to a farm, have cousins and uncles who are farmers, worked at a place that hauled farm goods and produce.  I can’t begin to know what it takes to be a farmer but I know that there’s never enough appreciation for what they do.

So when you look at that apple or head of broccoli or box of cereal, think of the hands and hearts it took to get it to your grocery store.  Eat well!!

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Time to put our money where our mouth is…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Get out and Vote

It’s time for a little revolution.  Every 2 years we get to choose our government.  Keep it, or start anew.  Through the billions of dollars, months of advertising we finally get to choose.  I’m not advocating whom to choose, just that it’s important that you choose.  If you don’t choose, you give up the right to complain or even boast about the people in our government. Drive, walk, ride,swim, run, hobble, fly, crawl…just get out and VOTE.  Just remember, if you don’t like who wins, you get to throw THEM out in 2 years.  Don’t ya’ just love America.

Note: No animals, flags, or ties where hurt during this production.

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