To Build Up, You Have To Dig A Ditch First

Some jobs build up. They start with concrete, steel girders, plans in pencil and ink. Pieces get put together slowly, brick by brick, bolt by bolt. Then they reach up to the sky.

A guy digging a ditch - industrial location photography
Michael LoBiondo Photography – A guy digging a ditch – industrial location photography

Some jobs dig down, through the red clay. They move water and material. Things get put in the ground then covered up like they were never there, doing their work as an afterthought. After a while, no one notices there ever was a hole in the ground.

Sometimes we’re up on a ladder, sometimes, down in a ditch. Isn’t there a joke “A guy was digging a ditch…”

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South Carolina State House – A Grand Building as History is being made…

The South Carolina State House has a storied history.  Architects who were fired or died, burning down the building  (the original and its second), cantankerous legislation (past and present), hiding of marble…it goes on and on.  You can read more here. Now, they get to decide, again, on how the building will look.  Here are 3 versions of the same grand building.  How will it look in the future?

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Confederate Flag SC Statehouse

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

SC StateHouse

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

SC StateHouse – Dusk

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Independence Day – Patriotism and a little Rodeo…


A few weeks ago, my wife, Anne, decided it was time to go to the rodeo. I’ve been to big rodeos and I’ve been to small rodeos.  This was the latter.  What left an impression for me, along with the bulls, calves, assortment of smells and dress, is the patriotism of the folks who attend and perform.  Much time was spent honoring the troops and there was an intense silence during the National Anthem.  Even the animals were quiet.

So this July 4th, with the grandiose of the parades and fireworks, the little rodeo remembers the freedoms fought for, and the freedoms enjoyed.

Now, where’s the hot dogs?!



The Light Factory Shoot Out – Only a few slots left for Friday….

Jenn Bradley

Jenn Bradley

There are only a few open slots for us left at the Light Factory’s Shoot Out this Friday, May 29th.  Please help us support their fundraiser by making a donation to them and then get some great shots of you. You can also bring your favorite pet (no reptiles, please!).

Here’s the link to register now: The Light Factory Shoot Out Friday Registration

2015 Light Factory Shoot Out – Join us and spread the word


Light Factory Shootout Photographer Michael LoBiondo

The Light Factory is hosting the “Shoot Out” fundraiser and we will be shooting on Friday May 29th.  For a small donation to them, you can find yourself in-front of our camera…make a face, bring a pet, spouse or other significant others, and we will spend 30 minutes getting you to smile, frown, or do some other expression which will live in perpetuity.  You will know that your donation will help Charlotte’s non-profit gallery, workspace, and classroom location. Click here to book your session and then tell your boss you need the time to get ready for your 30 minutes of fame.

American Farm Bureau Convention 2015 in San Diego – EVENT Photography

I traveled to warm and unusually damp San Diego for the 2015 Farm Bureau Convention in January and here are some of my favorite images from the trip.  Where there’s farmers, there’s always boots and cowboy hats.

Even though the farmers are at the convention, farming at home doesn’t stop.  The use of technology has changed the way farmers communicate and keep track of important data about their farm.

One of the speakers was Rorke Denver who was a commander of Navy Seals.  Farmers are the most patriotic folks I come across and they send a high percentage of their kids into the armed services.  San Diego being the home of the Navy Seals made this speaker a home run.

There’s always a few surprises…which is the snake charmer and which is the comedian?

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AFBF2015:Photography by Michael LoBiondo

AFBF2015:Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Tired after the Holidays?

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

The Holidays Are Over

The Holidays are just about over. If you’re tired, this might be how might look after the you’ve opened all the presents, finished the holiday meal, drank the last Manhattan(!), drove the last mile and yes, unplugged the last inflatable in the yard.

New Years Eve brings some regrets (wish I hadn’t erased that hard drive) but the new year does bring hope and a clean slate and a chance to catch my breath before we run full speed into January.

Enjoy the night, toast away the year, and make BIG resolutions.  Gotta’ aim for something.

Happy New Year….ML

The Day after Christmas Excursion to Cape May NJ

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Let it snow…

It’s the day after Christmas…no carols about that!  We make our way to the most southern point on all of New Jersey, Cape May.  You can still go up into the lighthouse, there’s a nature museum and we walk the beach, while the youngins’ bring a football and play in their bulky, winter coats.  Sometimes, there’s even snow!

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Happy Holidays: 2014 Michael LoBiondo Photography Holiday Card

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Holiday Signs

What does the Santa man say?  On some level, is he related to the Jolly Green Giant?
Time to “settle down for a long winter’s nap”.
Merry, merry…ML