Cheap Hamburger, Anyone

PHoto by Michael LoBiondo

The Varsity in Gwinnett GA

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

The Varsity in Gwinnett GA

So, your north of Atlanta off I85, and you want a cheap hamburger but “not” a cheap hamburger.  I was there during my birthday late last month and picked The Varsity for 2 birthday meals.  It’s the most amazing cheap hamburger you can get.  Plus fabulous onion rings and scoop ice cream.

Your thinking, so what’s with the signs.  Well, I was able to go the The Varsity twice during my stay.  The first time the sky was beautiful blue with puffy clouds.  2 days later, a storm was moving in.  This became a simple exercise in “just because you shot it once, doesn’t mean your finished”.  Things change over time, some slower like rust on metal, some take a change in the weather.  AND, always have some way to create images with you at all times.  A sketch pad, notebook, camera phone (!!!). Doesn’t matter.  What’s important is SEEING….and of course, a great cheap hamburger!

More later