A Visit to the Art Institute of Charlotte

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Art Institute of Charlotte

These are the students that greeted us at the Art Institute of Charlotte when we spoke this week in front of the Photography Business class taught by our dear friend, Joe Ciarlante.  Joe and I are from the same small town in NJ (Vineland) and we met in Charlotte.  I assisted Joe when I was just starting out and we eventually shared studio space together.  He loves teaching and he is great at it.  He is also a great architectural photographer. I learned many things about the craft of photography while assisting him and he is very generous with his knowledge.

My producer (and wife, Anne) talked about our work but mostly about the 20+ years of running a studio.  Our message was a lot about following your passion, never giving up, GOING FOR IT and when you work for yourself, “you eat what you kill!!” (I did not make that up).  We also invited the class to the studio and let them know we are always looking for new, energetic folks to assist.

At the end of our talk, this is how we left…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Art Institute of Charlotte: Take 2

At least we didn’t put them to sleep.  Seriously, they were great and we loved visiting them.

More later