From Brand Confusion to Organized Photo Library

“It’s not about creating an object. It’s about creating a perspective.”  Albert Paley, American Metal Sculptor, (1944-)

Every marketing director and ad agency has been there. 

Michael LoBiondo Photography - Yard supervisor reviewing in-house equipment

You’ve got a great opportunity to promote your brand. You need the right image, right away. But it just isn’t in your photo files.

That’s one reason why clients ask us to create a photo library for their brand.

Michael LoBiondo Photography Industrial Photography: Setting of safety cone - checking equipment

A photo library expresses, image after image, what your brand is all about.  Having a photo library makes your life easier because it conveys your message in a consistent way. Having your media shot by a professional photographer means that the images are high-resolution and thoughtfully composed, allowing them the versatility of both print and digital.

The custom images belong together and feel right in every marketing application. You can quickly find a great shot for any need.

Corporate photography of security expert with branded car on location

Ads. Company website. Social media posts. Marketing collateral. Banners and trade show booths. Catalogs. Even photos on the sides of trucks.

Corporate photography of security company operation call center with employees on location

It takes organization and care to shoot a great photo library, with scouting to identify and plan the most visual shots.

We fulfill the shot list and also suggest fresh possibilities in the moment. 

Our goal is to translate your brand message into a cohesive set of images depicting your products, services and people. 

To show what you can’t say in words alone.

Corporate photography of security expert on location at a construction site with crane

Forget frantic hours searching through a mishmash of old photos that are dated or just…meh.  There’s a better way. 

See our examples of an industrial photo librarycorporate photo library, and healthcare photo library or contact us for inspiration.

We can see your gears turning!  Ours are, too. 

Stay creative….


More Bright and Less Tangle…

A tangle of holiday lights

How do you express the craziness of 2020 in a photograph

In the parody song “The 12 Pains of Christmas”, rigging up the lights is a major pain.  Those crazy lights. All tangled up.

“Tangled” and “pain” are definitely two words to describe what this year has been.

So, here’s hoping 2021 is more bright and less tangle.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.


Final Thoughts from Farm Bureau 14- Location Commercial Photography

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Alamo St. Market

My recent trip to San Antonio Tx for the Annual Farm Bureau Convention/Meeting was the learning experience I expected.  The farmers and ranchers I meet and interact with are always generous, courteous, and well mannered.  Plus they were some fabulous boots (see photo).  As we do mainly commercial photography throughout the year, this trip always starts the year with good people, good food, and some great imagery.

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Cowboy Boots on Convention Carpet

Some of the good eats were Bananas Foster (almost caught my coat on fire…exciting stuff) and  little peach empanadas.

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Bananas Foster


Photography by Michael LoBiondo


There’s also a lot of skulls/masks here.  Some are very colorful.

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Skull Mask

The main speaker of the conference was retired Commander Stanley McChrystal.  This man served honorably for many years and he was a great speaker.

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Commander Stanley McChrystal

So now a new year begins.  Lots of images to share.  Thanks to Mary and Mike and Ken.  They make the long hours easy to bear and are fun to be with.

Next post…a prison story!  More later…





A Visit to the Art Institute of Charlotte

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Art Institute of Charlotte

These are the students that greeted us at the Art Institute of Charlotte when we spoke this week in front of the Photography Business class taught by our dear friend, Joe Ciarlante.  Joe and I are from the same small town in NJ (Vineland) and we met in Charlotte.  I assisted Joe when I was just starting out and we eventually shared studio space together.  He loves teaching and he is great at it.  He is also a great architectural photographer. I learned many things about the craft of photography while assisting him and he is very generous with his knowledge.

My producer (and wife, Anne) talked about our work but mostly about the 20+ years of running a studio.  Our message was a lot about following your passion, never giving up, GOING FOR IT and when you work for yourself, “you eat what you kill!!” (I did not make that up).  We also invited the class to the studio and let them know we are always looking for new, energetic folks to assist.

At the end of our talk, this is how we left…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Art Institute of Charlotte: Take 2

At least we didn’t put them to sleep.  Seriously, they were great and we loved visiting them.

More later