Doctor,doctor…Healthcare Photography in the OR

Healthcare Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Healthcare Photography

Healthcare photography can sometimes take you right into the operating room.  In a small operating room with 15 people watching and working, I wanted to capture relationships and collaboration of people in the room.  These are the 2 surgeons preparing a patient for the cardiologists.  These doctors are working in very tight conditions and working on a very small area of the body.  Their “eyes” guide their hands and their tools.  I love the glasses with their magnifying lenses and the optical “headlight”.  You can’t see all the lead protection, gowns, and gloves but you do see the head gear and masks.  All there to protect the patient and the doctors but restrict body movements and communication.  These guys are in the “zone”.  And there are many other people watching with great interest…but that’s for a later post.


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My favorite Super Bowl Commercial was…

Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Future Farmer, seeder, planter,driver,farrier,milker,rider, etc…

I have a special place in my heart for farmers so my 2 cents for best commercial last night was the Ram Truck “so, God made a farmer”.  Here’s a link in you want to see it again:  I get to spend some time with farmers every year but it’s not enough.  I grew up next to a farm, have cousins and uncles who are farmers, worked at a place that hauled farm goods and produce.  I can’t begin to know what it takes to be a farmer but I know that there’s never enough appreciation for what they do.

So when you look at that apple or head of broccoli or box of cereal, think of the hands and hearts it took to get it to your grocery store.  Eat well!!

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Time to put our money where our mouth is…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Get out and Vote

It’s time for a little revolution.  Every 2 years we get to choose our government.  Keep it, or start anew.  Through the billions of dollars, months of advertising we finally get to choose.  I’m not advocating whom to choose, just that it’s important that you choose.  If you don’t choose, you give up the right to complain or even boast about the people in our government. Drive, walk, ride,swim, run, hobble, fly, crawl…just get out and VOTE.  Just remember, if you don’t like who wins, you get to throw THEM out in 2 years.  Don’t ya’ just love America.

Note: No animals, flags, or ties where hurt during this production.

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DNC party glasses…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Party Glasses

When I go to photograph an event or conference, I am always looking for something that I can “play” with later, maybe make some “art”.  I was at an event during the DNC here in Charlotte last week and arrived earlier than normal because traffic was just a little more chaotic than usual.  After walking around the conference site, watching live MSNBC, just people watching, I went back to the event site to await the beginning of the festivities.  As they were still setting up, I noticed these glasses all at attention awaiting pouring of wine and conversation.

For the technical folks, I was using my 17-40 at 640asa on aperature priority.  This was at f4@1/30.  I put it through Lightroom with a great b&w holga filter.

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Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

Image by Michael LoBiondo

Chairs in the pool

Now that’s relaxin’!  My idea of how to spend a hot afternoon.

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Happy Birthday, Dad…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Dad and Me

Friday, August 3rd is my dad’s birthday.  He’s the handsome one on the left.

This is the man who taught me my work ethic

how to be in a relationship

how to treat your kids

how to drive a car

how to balance a checkbook

how to love a dog

how to love breakfast, lunch, dinner and ice cream

how to get up when the alarm goes off (snooze alarm, give me a break)

how it’s ok to get your hands dirty and fix it yourself

how family is very important

how generosity is king…and many more things to vast to put here.

Thanks dad and Happy Birthday!!!


Jury Duty…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Welcome to Jury Duty

I was on jury duty for the last 3 days.  The group dynamic in a small room is very interesting.  I think everyone should sit on a jury at least once in their life and you get a whole new appreciation of our legal system, the constitution, and just plain ole’ folks.  First, the defendant is on trial, then the district attorney, the defense lawyer and last, the jury itself.  No matter how concrete the evidence is, reasonable doubt, or lack of it, rules the day.  Everyone’s personality gets a chance to shine or show it’s “behind” as it were.  I love watching people’s faces (it’s what we do!) and the entire stage show with it’s cast of characters.

It was jury appreciation week and we were treated to cookies and popcorn, music and massages.  The folks who took care of us including the deputies went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and taken care of.  They realize how stressful it can be to “be on display” for a judge and lawyers.  Although, now that it’s over, I am glad to be back to my reality.  Back to being creative and “makin’ pictures”!!

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Who says it needs to be in focus…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

DC Metro Station.  As the train goes by…

If I could carry my large camera with me everywhere without attracting attention, I would.  Mostly when traveling, I carry my small point and shoot camera that has all manual controls.  I made sure the flash wouldn’t go off (can you imagine???)  It also has a movable screen so I can “shoot from the hip” and see what I’m getting.  These lower angle shots offer a different perspective on the world.  This shot with all it’s motion is more “realistic” that a shot that’s rock still.  This captures more than just the moment as the train moves by.  The movement in the ceiling gives a sense of vibration that the train creates as it’s moving through the station.  The people on the left lets you identify with the group of folks waiting for the train.  It’s perfect that they are in business suites and not tourists.  This is a working, work day station with hustle and bustle and places to go and people to see!  Even the lit sign on the train seems to be talking to us…” I have an appointment and I’m in a hurry…”  Speaking of which…

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Curlys Flags in Ocean City New Jersey

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Curlys Flags wait for customers

It’s been a long time since my last post but here is an image from one of my favorite places in the world, Ocean City NJ.  Actually, I love most beaches, boardwalks, and grand strands.  I grew up not far from Ocean City and a few weeks ago, I was shooting a job in South Jersey.  Just so you know, only someone from South Jersey distinguishes South Jersey as different from the rest of the state.  Not enough words to explain it, just go with me here.  I had an extra morning so I drove to OC in the morning before they got busy and started to charge you to “use the sand”.

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

nothin’ about nudity!!

There’s still a lot you can do on the beach.  But sand does get everywhere!  I love the beach in the morning.  I have great memories of being in the station wagon with my mom and driving to OC in the morning and being back at home by lunch.  Now I drive a mini-van.  See how far we’ve come!

Being on the beach before the crowds get there allow me to scrounge around and get access to pictures that I might not have when there’s a lot of people around.  Hence, Curlys Flags.  5 minutes after I took this, the attendant came out and scattered the flags everywhere.  I will be posting some other shots on my facebook page.  Please friend me if you haven’t already.

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We will miss her…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Grandmom Lena at her 100th Birthday Party

I wanted to share this photo of my Grandma who made it 102 years plus 8 months.  She passed away on Monday the 25th in her sleep.  She had 3 sons, 7 grandkids, and 11 great-grand children.  We were quite the crew around the dinner table with wives and kids and significant others.  Every morning she would tell my dad “Another day, George.  Thanks God”.  In all my years, I never heard her complain or say anything bad about anyone.  She grew up on farms, ate fresh farm food (can you say healthy) and loved Reeses.

I guess the thing to really know about her was she was truly generous. In our world of get it done now, what can I get out of it, etc..  she always thought of other folks…in her neighborhood, church, and the little area she lived in all her life.

In my last post, I said I would come back with images from the great New Jersey shore.  This shot, although taken 2 years and 8 months ago, is much more important.  Call your parents, grandparents, kids, loved ones, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of.  Just say “I was thinking about you”.

Thanks for letting me get personal.

More later…