Up and Running

Up and running is a thing again and safety protocols for photo production are more important than ever right now.

Getting back to work on location means careful planning, careful timing, careful everything. 

Manufacturing worker pushing metal piece across floor in plant

We’re open and on the road again in companies, in manufacturing sites, and even in healthcare settings and pharmaceutical labs that are ready for photography on location.

Traveling in a small, tight crew to keep everyone safe and our footprint nimble is making this possible.

Healthcare Photography - Portrait of doctor in clinical treatment center

What’s it look like?  PPE on crew, of course, and distancing. Lots of sanitizer.  And extra care with planning and adjusting shot lists to meet each client’s current safety protocols, each state’s guidelines, and every client’s current visual message. 

And GPS, of course.

Let us know how we can help get your plans up and running again.

More later.


Healthcare Photography – Medical Device Manufacturing

There are hidden medical marvels happening in nondescript buildings all over the country. Plastics that dissolve in the body over time allowing for healing without evasive removal after surgery. 3D printing for joints and bone repair. The only limitation is the imagination. Take a look at some of these amazing medical innovations we’ve captured as a commercial healthcare photographer for various clients and campaigns in Charlotte and across the US.

Healthcare Photography - UV treatment for medical devices
Healthcare Photography - Testing 3D printing for medical devices

More later…ML