Industrial Photography: Why is this guy laughing??

Industrial Photography by Michael LoBiondo

Be Serious…

This is a popular reaction when I ask “Can you give me a serious look?”.  Most people then crack-up.  It’s all part of our customer service to get you laughing and lighten up the moment.  Relax…the camera loves’ you!!

More later…ML

Let’s crack some eggs…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

Crack some Eggs

It’s a cool Monday morning and how better to start the week by “cracking some eggs”.  It’s a term that says, ” let’s get going”, “get a move on”, insert your’s here (….. ).  Time to buckle up and get moving!!!

More later…


Street ride in Charleston…

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

a ride in Charleston

My last trip to Charleston gave me time to “walk about” between shooting and client meetings.  There are many places you might never see this for fear that your ride will not be there later in the day.  Here, it seems to fit in with the Southern charm of this South Carolina town, bright colors, lazy afternoon.

Heading out to North Jersey and Philadelphia for next weeks shoot. Will share upon my return…