Big Pipe for New York City

Photo by Michael LoBiondo

86 inch pipe and welder

We shoot a lot this time of year for annual reports and we go to a number of great locations.  This is a pipe foundry in Bristol TN.  They are making water pipe for New York City and this one tops out at 86 inches.  That’s a bunch of H2O!!  This one section is about 40 feet in length.  Think of all the pipe you have to form, weld, and haul from Tennessee to NY.  The sections have to fit on a flat bed trailer to ship.  It’s almost inconceivable the amount of pipe they have to manufacture and move to New York.

I love these situations because the light is funky and I can get dramatic and crazy with lighting.  The trick was to have a light at the back of the pipe and then position the model to block it.  There is also a small light coming through the side portal and then one front light.

This was processed in Lightroom and then layered to give a slight grungy look.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

More later…ml