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Doctor,doctor…Healthcare Photography in the OR

Healthcare photography can sometimes take you right into the operating room.  In a small operating room with 15 people watching and working, I wanted to capture relationships and collaboration of people in the room.  These are the 2 surgeons preparing a patient for the cardiologists.  These doctors are working in very tight conditions and working […]

Camera Equipment: 3 Things You Must Have In Your Bag – Location Photographer

Yes, this is a picture of 2 paperclips and a bulldog clip.  The most ordinary of items. Ordinary, undistinguished, everyday, pedestrian, garden-variety clips.  You probably see more of these in the carpet than anywhere else.  But for a location photographer, these 3 unremarkable items are life-savers and a MUST for a camera bag or location […]

Still winter here…time for some summer

Ok, so this was actually shot last month but I love the beach in any season.  Plus, it’s an entire avenue of beach.  Winter where you are is probably colder than in Charlotte, but it’s pretty cold here and many days below the freezing mark just doesn’t cut it.  I want to get gloves for […]

Final Thoughts from Farm Bureau 14- Location Commercial Photography

My recent trip to San Antonio Tx for the Annual Farm Bureau Convention/Meeting was the learning experience I expected.  The farmers and ranchers I meet and interact with are always generous, courteous, and well mannered.  Plus they were some fabulous boots (see photo).  As we do mainly commercial photography throughout the year, this trip always […]

Happy New Year- Back to Business-Annual Report Photography

Happy New Year.  It’s 2014 and it feels like we were just worried about the turn of the century messing with our computers. We start the year with some business annual report photography.  It started out as 2 guys walking but they had this fabulous briefcase.  Along with the shoes and the cuffs, I didn’t […]

Veteran’s Day 2013: Editorial Photography/Air Show/ Millville NJ

Thanks to all Veterans, past and present.  Thanks for protecting our freedom, and for putting yourselves on the line and in the air.